What We Do


Business Process Assessment

CKIS Consultants will review your current software system implementation and organizational processes through interviews with key staff and stakeholders. This will allow us to understand and document the specific requirements of your organization and more importantly, illustrate how these requirements can be met with new technology. We will also identify areas in your organization that can be improved, in order to develop an implementation plan to match the long term goals of your department.

Custom Reporting

Transform data into useful information your organization can use to identify strategic deficiencies, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and drive positive business outcomes. Our developers provide a solution that gives your organization a real competitive advantage by providing a “big picture” view of important performance metrics.

BIRT (Business IntelligBIRT-Logo_Purpleence and Reporting Tools) is a modern open source data visualization technology. It allows our clients to compile and analyze data, in order to monitor the status of their facilities by tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Pentaho allows our clients to monitor the financials of a Pentaho_new_logo_2013construction project, to measure cycle time for projects, compare results against an organization’s service level goals and to benchmark performance against peers; among other uses. Pentaho is a comprehensive platform for data integration & business analytics.

Customer Documentation


We will provide customized training guides that are clear and simple to follow, as well as Standard Operating Procedures that have been established throughout the implementation. CKIS strives to deliver a successful end-user experience.

Data Integration and Migration

Data migration is frustrating and time consuming, ETL_developersbut also one of the most important keys in the implementation of new software. Our developers work with you to analyze your data and design a data loading solution. Our goal is to spend more time focusing on your core business needs.

End-User Support & Training

CKIS’ on-site end-user training sessions are adapted to meet the unique requirements of various roles within each customer organization. We recommend a “train-the-trainer” approach, whereby CKIS provides initial training, and typically the System Administrators of the organization conduct subsequent training sessions. This approach ensures that our clients will be self-sufficient and comfortable with core functionality, query tools, and reporting capabilities.

Implementation Services

Includes conceptual training and business process development (in your selected enterprise solution), project management, data migration, system configuration, end-user training and go-live assistance. The scope and nature of services we provide depends entirely on the organization and its specific needs.

Integration & User Acceptance Testing

CKIS will conduct System integration testing, where we examine functionality of the application as a whole integrated solution.

User acceptance testing will be directed by CKIS administrative super-users. We understand the specific project dynamics in order to help in a way that is adaptable and logical for the project.

Web Service Integration, Custom Web Forms

CKIS takes an innovative approach through custom web forms to establish deeper connections with enterprise resource planning (ERP), databases and other systems throughout your organization. Advanced integration means that the software will communicate seamlessly with data services behind the scenes to initiate and update business transactions, automate processes, organize information and more. With our extensive experience and technology, CKIS saves your organization time, resources and hassles during implementation and upgrades.